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The bald Soprano – Guinness World Record Attempt

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WE DID IT ! - 25 hours 5 minutes and 37 seconds

What. A. Weekend. 

By Brendan Croft

Yesterday I and a bunch of madly talented and dedicated group embarked on the final leg of a journey I have been on for 2 years.

The crew arrived the memorial hall at 8:30 am and started setting up the hall, the stage, the tech and the kitchen; fully prepared and nervous as hell for the long hall ahead. By 10 am the cast was ready and in make-up with adrenaline pumping.

At midday Saturday we set out to break the World Record for the longest play. Sunday at 12:20:02pm we equalled the current record.

At 1:05:37 we called it quits. We didn't make the six hours we had hoped to beat the record by, but 45 minutes is still a success. The audience cheered as we went into our last rendition and pass the record time and break the current world record of 24 hr, 20 min and 2 sec achieved by Vickrant Mahajan (India), in Jammu, India, from 13 to 14 August 2015.

Thanks to all the cast and crew. Thanks to everyone that was on stage, backstage and front of house and the broader theatre community, friends and family for all the support with official witnesses, audience members for all the hours and support.

Can't remember the last time I was this tired, it's been 34 hours since I last slept.

25 Hours 5 Minutes and 37 seconds

Production Team

Director: Brendan Croft
Production Coordinator: Gabe Noonan
Stage Manager: Jacqui Hilton

We are excited to announce the cast for our November world record Attempt for the World's Longest Play, performing The Bald Soprano. Thank you to all those who auditioned, it was not an easy job deciding after so many great auditions.

Characters and cast 

Mr. Smith- Simon Coles

A stuffy, boring middle-class Englishman. Very one-dimensional, talks in cliches and makes dull observations. Unlike Mr. Martin, he loves to disagree with his wife. His genericness makes him an everyman. At the end of the play, he changes roles with Mr. Martin.

Mrs. Smith- lisa Johnson

A talkative woman who goes on and on about what she ate, a parody of English bourgeois like her husband- talking in cliches, repetitive dialogue, constant bickering, and non-sequiturs. At the end of the play, she swaps roles with Mrs. Martin.

Mr. Martin- Braiden Barnard 

More accomplished and developed than Mr. Smith, as he can remember his wife, but he is essentially the same person as they trade places at the end of the play.

Mrs. Martin- Sarah Jeffs 

Counterpart to Mrs. Smith, and wife of Mr. Martin, a more opinionated character, who may not be a deep thinker but has more to say than the other four main characters. Trades places with Mrs. Smith at the end of the play.

Mary - Jasper Hill

The pushy maid character, as seen in many of Ionesco’s plays. She works for the Smiths. She had a past relationship with the Fire Chief.

Fire Chief - Sam Noonan

Appears randomly to put out a non-existent fire. The most developed character, but the smallest role, the Fire Chief is the male lover/hero character in this play.

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