Southern Peninsula Players

Bringing Quality Theatre to the Peninsula for over 60 years

Southern Peninsula Players has been delivering quality theatre productions for over 60 years.  Brilliant comedies, heart wrenching dramas and plenty of who done its.  For a night of magic and escape, you can't beat the theatre.

To become a member of this fantastic theatre company, please see the about page.  Members help the company grow.  The bigger the membership, the bigger the shows.


Auditions for the Vicar of Dibley will be held at the Memorial Hall on 4th February 2018.  Click the News & Auditions link at the top of this page.


A Letter From The President

The universal logo for theatre is two faces or masks.  One smiling, depicting comedy and the second frowning, depicting tragedy.  It is my unfortunate task to inform all that, this year, Southern Peninsula Players has had but one mask hung above its door.  That of tragedy.
For reasons too countless to mention, SPP has had to pull each of its shows for 2013, the most recent being its  December production of “Albert Nobbs”.  For a theatre company that has spanned some 60 years, this year has been one that will not soon be forgotten.  It is however, just one year.  The company has fought for too long and fought too hard to let one year bring it to an end.
We have time and the clarity of hindsight to now recognise what has been done right (and what has been done wrong) to drive us into the future.  We have fresh new faces coming on board to direct shows in the coming years which will bring new talent  to grace the stage in our forthcoming productions.  We have, we feel, a bright future ahead of us and simply ask that those, who have been with us all these years, will stick with us and come with us on our journey of re-discovery.


John Staunton

President Souther Peninsula Players

Southern Peninsula Players