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Pygmalion - the original story of My Fair Lady.

Directed By Sarah Jeffs

Pygmalion. Pygmalion, romance in five acts by George Bernard Shaw, produced in German in 1913 in Vienna. It was performed in England in 1914, with Mrs. Patrick Campbell as Eliza Doolittle. The play is a humane comedy about love and the English class system.

Pygmalion opens with two linguists, Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering, placing a bet on whether Professor Higgins can transform the life of flower girl Eliza Doolittle by helping her learn to speak proper English rather than her cockney dialect.

You may recognize the Pygmalion story as My Fair Lady. George Cukor’ academy award winning musical of 1964, was an adaptation of George Bernard Shaw 1913 play. Although the basic story line and underlying themes are the same, there are a number of differences. The most pronounced contrast is that my Fair Lady Has songs added to the dialogue. Furthermore, Pygmalion deals with the many of the social issues that were occurring during the Victorian Era in England, while My Fair Lady portrays what a person can do when they put forth a great effort while remaining true to themselves.


Professor Henry Higgins  -  Isaac Schmid

Henry Higgins is a professor of phonetics. He is an unconventional man, who goes in the opposite direction from the rest of society in most matters. Indeed, he is impatient with high society, forgetful in his public graces, and poorly considerate of normal social niceties--the only reason the world has not turned against him is because he is at heart a good and harmless man. His biggest fault is that he can be a bully.

Eliza Doolittle  - Gemma Sylvester Keech

"She is not at all a romantic figure." Everything about Eliza Doolittle seems to defy any conventional notions we might have about the romantic heroine. When she is transformed from a sassy, smart-mouthed kerbstone flower girl with deplorable English, to a (still sassy) regal figure fit to consort with nobility, it has less to do with her innate qualities as a heroine than with the fairy-tale aspect of the transformation myth itself.

Colonel Pickering  -  Greg Stephens

Colonel Pickering, the author of Spoken Sanskrit, is a match for Higgins (although somewhat less obsessive) in his passion for phonetics. But where Higgins is a boorish, careless bully, Pickering is always considerate and a genuinely gentleman. It is Pickering's thoughtful treatment towards Eliza that teaches her to respect herself.

Alfred Doolittle - Anthony Staunton

 Alfred Doolittle is Eliza's father, an elderly but vigorous dustman who has had at least six wives and who "seems equally free from fear and conscience." When he learns that his daughter has entered the home of Henry Higgins, he immediately pursues to see if he can get some money out of the circumstance. Though scandalous, his speeches are honest. At points, it even seems that he might be Shaw's voice piece of social criticism.

Mrs. Higgins - Jenny Scott

Professor Higgins' mother, Mrs. Higgins is a stately lady in her sixties who sees the Eliza Doolittle experiment as idiocy, and Higgins and Pickering as senseless children. She is the first and only character to have any qualms about the whole affair. When her worries prove true, it is to her that all the characters turn. Because no woman can match up to his mother, Higgins claims, he has no interest in dallying with them.

Freddy Eynsford Hill  -  Chris Hollins

Higgins' surmise that Freddy is a fool is probably accurate. In the opening scene he is a spineless and resource-less lackey to his mother and sister. Later, he is comically bowled over by Eliza, the half-baked duchess who still speaks cockney. He becomes lovesick for Eliza, and courts her with letters.

Mrs Pearce - Linda Morgan

Mrs. Pearce is a housekeeper. She's also, like Pickering and Mrs. Higgins : A voice of reason.  Mrs. Pearce represents the traditional, motherly, lower-class (we're talking socioeconomic class, here). She has another perspective on the problems of being a woman, one more closely related to Eliza's original situation in life, and it comes as no surprise that she wants to protect the girl.

Mrs. Eynsford Hill - Rachael Lavery

Mrs. Eynsford Hill, Freddy’s mother. Quiet and well-bred, Mrs. Hill is plagued by the anxieties natural to an aristocrat without money. Because of her poverty, her children have neither education nor sophistication.

Miss Clara Eynsford Hill - Robyn Zugaj

Miss Clara Eynsford Hill, Freddy’s sister. An ignorant, pretentious, and useless snob, Clara is at length redeemed by reading the works of H. G. Wells and becoming a critic of society. In that role, her gaucheness is an asset.

Maître d - Jasper Hill & Alex Hollins


Jakob Wilson

Peter O’Halloran

Anthony Connell

Mark Ryan

Trevor Dylan

Michelle Skinner

Natalie Bearham

Show Times

Friday 17th and Friday 25th May- 8pm - Cabaret Seating

Saturday the 18th and Saturday the 26th May- 8pm Cabaret Seating.

Sunday 19th and Sunday 27th May -2pm Matinee Classical seating

The bar will also be available during all shows.

All cabaret tickets are $30.00 0 (A sherry and program included. Bring your own table nibbles and drinks) 10% discount for bookings of 8.

Classical Seating - Adult $25.00 Concession $20.00 and Child $15 ( 12 and Under)

Help line for group bookings and general inquiries is 0468892572. This is an after hours number. should you ring before 5pm, you may get and answering service.

NEWS about Our attempt at the worlds record.

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In November 2018 SPP and Rosebud Astral presented a joint theatrical event. To mark our new merged theater group to break the worlds record for the longest play. Guinness is still processing our documentation, however, we a proud to announce, that we were able to raise a Thousand dollars to Salvocare Eastern Rosebud to support local homelessness

PERFORMED 3-4 November 2018- 

Production Team

Director: Brendan Croft
Production Coordinator: Gabe Noonan
Stage Manager: Jacqui Hilton


Mr. Smith - Simon Coles
Mrs. Smith - Lisa Johnson
Mr. Martin - Braiden Barnard
Mrs. Martin - Sarah Jeffs
Mary - Jasper Hill
Fire Chief - Sam Noonan

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